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Teachers of the local secondary and nursery schools successfully use the modern educational technologies including the technologies of developmental education, First Step, Montessori Pedagogics, Step by Step, the French pedagogical centres, Dalton-technology, technology of critical thinking development, design technology, the technology of multidimensional didactic instruments, the socio-technological model of the school-family education system Orientir. The educational establishments of the Pukhovichi region constantly improve the system of differential training.

All the schools of the Pukhovichi region have childrens and youths organizations. Some schools have museums: museums of local lore, military and labour glory museum, museum of bread. The local authorities pay special attention to social and economic support of gifted children.

Every year, the number of participants of international and national intellectual contests grows. The Pukhovichi region hosts performances of amateur talent groups, exhibitions of decorative and applied arts, gatherings of tourists and graduates, various contests.

Pukhovichi Regional Executive Committee, 2008
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